What To Look For In An LGBTQ Divorce Lawyer In Maryland

Same-sex marriage became legal in Maryland in 2013, and the Civil Marriage Protection Act allows LGBTQ couples to obtain a marriage license like any couple. However, like any couple, the time may come when an LGBTQ couple needs to divorce, and choosing an attorney who is experienced same-sex divorces can help ease the pain of the process.

If you have questions about getting a divorce, our LGBTQ divorce lawyer in Maryland can answer your questions today. At Shah & Kishore, our divorce attorneys understand divorce is difficult, stressful, and emotionally draining. Our goal is to assist you in navigating the process efficiently, minimize the impact on your life, and preserve family relationships.

What Issues Can An LGBTQ Divorce Lawyer Help To Solve?

Your LGBTQ divorce attorney in Maryland is focused on obtaining the best resolution for you in the divorce. Some of the areas where your attorney can help you are:

Dividing Marital Property

Marital property may include real estate, bank accounts, investment accounts, pensions, and retirement accounts. It also may consist of the value increase in assets that each party brought into the marriage, including stocks and bonds. The family court will make property division decisions based on what is equitable, so the asset split may not be 50/50.

Spousal Support

One party may make less money and have fewer economic prospects than the other. Shah & Kishore often work with LGBTQ clients seeking or needing to pay alimony and we can help you get the best outcome when spousal maintenance is involved.

Business Preservation

If you own a business, it may be divided in the divorce. But what happens if the company has shareholders? Or what if there are other stakeholders or partners involved? Our attorneys will work with you to resolve how to resolve business division and preservation questions.

Child Custody And Support

The courts are focused on the best interests of your children, and our attorneys will work hard to ensure that you get to spend as much time as possible with your children. LGBTQ couples often adopt children, and there may be additional complexities to deal with in the child custody agreement, especially if one parent did not legally adopt the child. We will also negotiate a fair agreement regarding child support.

How To Choose The Best LGBTQ Divorce Attorney

Selecting the best LGBTQ attorney for your situation is paramount to obtaining the best result. You cannot just choose any divorce attorney in Maryland; some are better than others. Here is a list of tips to help you find the best divorce attorney for LGBTQ couples:

Ask Family And Friends

The best way to find any attorney, including an LGBTQ divorce attorney, is to tap your network. Ask friends and family who have been divorced if they have any attorney recommendations. List the divorce attorneys you get and obtain their contact details online. You should check the online reviews for the attorney names you receive. Avvo and Google reviews are good sources to check for legal reviews.

Perform Attorney Interviews

Call each attorney and set up a consultation, which is typically complimentary. You also should check online reviews of the LGBTQ divorce attorneys on your list. Think of questions you want to ask the attorneys, such as their experience with complex child custody cases involving same-sex couples. During the interview, note the attorney’s style and communication skills; you will need to work with them for several months, so choosing an attorney you like is helpful.

Go With Your Instincts

When choosing an LGBTQ divorce attorney, you should consider what your instincts tell you. Divorce attorneys who get excellent online reviews and whom you feel at ease with are often the best choice.

Questions To Ask LGBTQ Attorneys

Hiring a divorce attorney is a significant decision that could carry repercussions for years of your life. It is crucial to select the one who is the best choice for your unique situation. In addition to asking attorneys about their qualifications and experience, you should learn about their strategies, methodology, and philosophy.

Many divorcing parties hiring a divorce attorney do not constantly ask critical questions regarding how the lawyer handles cases. Here are some key questions to ask your prospective divorce attorney:

  • Will you be handling my case directly?
  • What other legal professionals will handle my case?
  • How do you approach child support and alimony issues in a same-sex divorce?
  • How much time do you have each week to spend on my divorce case?
  • Will you talk to me when you are planning your legal strategy?
  • Will you try to mediate a resolution with my partner?
  • How do you feel about joint custody and sole custody?
  • What is the best way to contact you, and how quickly will you respond?

Understanding Costs And Billing

After you have chosen an LGBTQ divorce attorney and the case gets started, you will need to pay legal bills. The truth is that hiring a skilled divorce attorney is not inexpensive, and you should not expect it to be. You want a devoted, experienced legal advocate who will give your case the attention it needs so you can have the best outcome. This will take billable hours, and it will cost money.

However, you should not be blindsided by a legal bill you did not expect or cannot afford. Depending on the firm, there could be a flat fee upfront or periodic billing that can help you manage the legal costs. During your first consultation, talk to your attorney about your budget and payment requirements. Also, carefully read your attorney’s retainer agreement and whether they charge by the hour.

If you keep all of this information in mind, you will hire the best LGBTQ divorce attorney for your specific situation.

Contact Our LGBTQ Divorce Lawyer In Maryland

When you are getting a divorce, it is understandable if you want an attorney experienced in dealing with the needs and unique concerns of LGBTQ couples. For compassionate and understanding legal assistance with your divorce, contact our LGBTQ divorce lawyers in Maryland. Please call to schedule an appointment at  (301) 315-0001.

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