Tips For Enhanced Communication in a Marriage


Marriage would be so much easier if spouses came with a handbook of instructions. We each have our own way of communicating and it can be frustrating when a spouse does not pick up on all our cues, whether verbal or non-verbal. Men and women also have different ways of communicating, which can add another layer of frustration when dealing with issues. The following tips for both men and women can help enhance and improve communication within a relationship:

Communication For Men. If you’re unsure of what your wife is feeling, ask for clarification. Sometimes you can feel like you’re getting the silent treatment, but it could mean a number of things. She may be thinking about a problem at work, an issue with your children or a disagreement with her parents. Her silence may not always mean you are the root of the problem, but the best way to know is to ask. After that, it’s important to listen. Asking the question, “how can I help you?” can go a long way. She may not want anything more than a sympathetic ear and doesn’t need you to fix a problem and make everything better. If there is an issue, then address it. Ignoring an issue for fear of confrontation can cause something small to escalate into something far greater.

Communication For Women. If your husband asks if you’re okay and showing concern, provide an honest answer rather than saying, “I’m fine” – unless you mean it! The silent treatment can also be a way for wives to punish husbands, but withholding communication only serves to drive a wedge into a relationship. Words are powerful and, if used wisely, are the most effective way to overcome obstacles. Finally, it’s important for wives to clearly ask for what they want, rather than drop hints and make husbands guess.

While men and women have different communication styles, learning to listen and talk to each other can create a marriage based on trust and fulfillment of emotional needs.

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