Things You Can Do To Prepare For Divorce

We understand that divorce is stressful and emotionally taxing. But if you follow the advice in this article, you can prepare for your divorce and make it go more smoothly. If you have questions about an impending divorce, our divorce lawyer in Maryland at Shah & Kishore can answer them today. Pending Changes in Maryland’s…

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Dividing A Business In A Maryland Divorce

Dividing property during a divorce can be stressful, and the uncertainty about the future could be upsetting. But once you understand how business assets are divided in a Maryland divorce, you will know how to move forward. Learn more about this topic below. Then contact our Rockville divorce attorneys at Shah & Kishore. Is The…

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Divorce Is Changing

At this point in time, everyone has heard the claim that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The statistic was popularized in the 1980s when divorce rates historically skyrocketed to 47-53%. However, this statistic is no longer accurate, and the face of divorce is changing due to several important factors.

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