Rockville, Maryland, Family Law Attorney

Family law can be stressful, expensive, life-changing, costly, and very difficult for everyone involved. A Rockville, Maryland, family law attorney from Shah & Kishore aims to alleviate family law matters and complications for our clients. Our expert litigators are aggressive when necessary but also skilled at negotiations.

Why Choose Shah and Kishore?

  • Our compassionate stance and desire for families to remain as undamaged as possible provide us with the insight needed to pursue amicable solutions to your issues.
  • Our firm strives to resolve your problems quickly, with less stress and expense. But we are ready to litigate when it is the best route to get you and your family the necessary resolution.
  • We offer an advantage in financial matters because of our unique experience and education. Rahul Kishore’s financial background makes him an expert in asset-driven cases.

Types of Family Law Cases in Rockville, Maryland

Family law runs the gamut of family legal issues. Here are some of the cases that a Rockville, Maryland, family law lawyer can help you with:

  • Military Divorces have rules that are specific to them. We offer military discounts to military spouses involved in a divorce.
  • Prenuptial agreements can protect both parties entering into a marriage. If you are about to be married, call Shah & Kishore for expert advice.
  • Alimony and spousal maintenance issues can be complicated. Your Rockville, Maryland, family law attorney can help you navigate this significant issue.
  • Child custody and child support issues are a big part of a family law practice’s business. Your children are your priority and, in turn, ours as well. We want to ensure they are financially, physically, and emotionally supported, so we work hard for their best interests.
  • Child relocation and move-away issues can be difficult and complicated if one parent intends to move away and take the children of the marriage with them. We can help.
  • Third-party custody is another complex issue that family sometimes faces. It may be for health reasons, abuse or addiction, but we have the experience to watch out for your children’s best interests.
  • Division of Assets can be a hotbed of acrimony. We will do our best to ensure that assets are evaluated and distributed fairly.

We can help you with divorce from separation until the final papers are signed. Our goal is to make it as amicable and fair as possible for our clients. But, if your marriage has become violent and you need help, perhaps an order of protection, give us a call. Your safety is our priority, and we will do all we can to protect you legally.

What a Rockville, Maryland Family Law Attorney, can do for You

If the other party in your case hires an attorney, you should follow suit. It is always advisable to seek legal guidance, even in the most amicable circumstances.

A family law lawyer in Rockville, Maryland, can relieve some emotional stress. The best strategy for settling things is allowing the professionals to look at it with fresh, logical eyes and keep the emotions of the case from taking over the process. Here are some ways a family law attorney can help:

  • Understanding Maryland law and how to apply it to construct a strong case for you as you progress to the negotiations or the litigation stages is a crucial expertise that we can offer.
  • Your family law attorney has the experience and uses this extensive background to help navigate the legal proceedings you face.
  • Because of their vast experience, they can see the bigger picture and ensure that things like property division and alimony are correctly understood and arranged for the best interest of our clients.
  • Having a unique perspective on the financial components of your case can guide you to the best possible outcome possible.

Your attorney understands how emotionally draining and even traumatic that family law cases can be. The job of a Rockville, Maryland, family law attorney with Shah and Kishore is to keep their eyes on your case and to guide you to the most successful outcome. Often our clients are fighting so many battles on the personal front we want to do the legal fighting for them, so they do not have to.

Things Your Family Law Attorney in Rockville, Maryland, May Advise you About

Sometimes, when in the thick of issues dealing with people and property division, it can seem overwhelming. Most people go through divorce and custody issues infrequently in their lifetime, so they cannot expect to be experts.

At Shah & Kishore, it is our business, and we see it every day and can offer you genuinely invaluable guidance based on our experience. Some of this advice might include information about the following important issues:

  • Maryland is not a community property state. The state practices something called equal distribution. Several factors are examined when deciding how to equitably and fairly divide your assets as well as your debts.
  • Understanding when you can afford an asset could not be more critical. Things can sometimes take a nasty turn, and parties involved want to win for various reasons, but taking into account whether you can actually afford a piece of property before wasting time fighting for it can save you significant headaches in the future. We can analyze your financial situation and ensure that you make these critical decisions in a way that most benefits you.
  • Clients deserve to keep whatever they are awarded, yet the IRS can sometimes make that difficult. A strong understanding of tax law can save you an incredible amount of money when dividing assets.
  • Negotiating the best alimony agreement is of vital importance. The court will rule on this issue if you cannot agree on your own, and that can leave both parties unhappy with the ruling.
  • If children are involved, there are many details to iron out. Everything from medical insurance to where they will spend the holidays to who pays for their expenses at college will need to be settled.

These are a few of the many issues that need to be addressed in your case. You do not have to navigate it alone. A Rockville, Maryland, family law attorney is waiting to help.

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We at Shah & Kishore are ready to help you through the family law issue you are currently facing. We aim to work compassionately with you while working fiercely on your behalf. Our experience and knowledge of every aspect of your case will ensure you have the most successful resolution possible. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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