NFL Injuries – How both the player and the team are affected

Injuries are part of the NFL. It’s a fact. In this past preseason and training camp, we’ve seen just how common these injuries are. The body of a football player takes a beating. When you look at past injuries and how they have affected the players and the teams, we see that not only are the players affected, but the teams involved can suffer financially. Home attendance drops if the injury involves a key player. Even Park Avenue and Madison Avenue are affected – fans are less likely to buy a ticket to the game or to buy the player’s jersey. Take a look at this video on key injuries from previous seasons and how they affected both the player and the team.

Already, in the first NFL games of 2015, there are key injuries that will hurt the teams involved. This article points out the five players whose absence will be felt the most in 2015 – and how the teams involved – the Cowboys, Panthers, Packers, Steelers and Vikings – will cope.

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