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If you are suffering any form of abuse in a domestic or family relationship, Maryland family law code provides for the issuance of protective orders. Protective orders are orders to stop one person from conducting abusive acts against another person.

If you are in immediate physical danger, you should call the police first. As soon as you are in a safe place, you should speak with a family law attorney to find out how the law can protect you and take action.

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Can I Get a Protective Order?

To get a protective order you have to meet certain requirements. To get a protective order, your relationship must qualify for that type of relief. You are qualified if you:

  • Are a current or former spouse of the abuser
  • Are living with the abuser
  • Are related to the abuser by blood, marriage, or adoption
  • Are a parent, stepparent, child, or stepchild of the abuser
  • Live with or have lived with the abuser or the victim for at least 90 days within 1 year before filing for the protective order
  • Are a vulnerable adult
  • Have a child with the abuser.

What Is the Process for Getting a Protective Order in Maryland?

To commence the process for getting a protective order, you must complete and file a Petition for Protection from Domestic Violence in court. Our Maryland domestic violence lawyers have the experience and skill to assist you through filing your case.

If the courts are not in session, and the petition is filed with a commissioner, a victim may be granted an interim protective order, which lasts about two days. The interim protective order will include a date for hearing of the temporary protective order in court.

At the hearing for a temporary protective order, a judge will review the evidence and make a determination about whether to grant a temporary protective order. If a temporary protective order is granted, it will include a date and time for the hearing of a final protective order.

An interim or temporary protective order is granted after considering the facts and evidence in your petition. If the commissioner or the court finds that immediate, substantial and irreparable harm will occur before the abuser can respond to the petition, they will grant the interim or temporary protective order.

The grant of a temporary protective order is not a guarantee that a final protective order will be granted. The respondent will have an opportunity to defend themselves before a final order is granted.

Get Help From Our Maryland Protective Orders Lawyer

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