How Division of Property Works

The Marital Property Act says that property must be distributed equally to account for monetary and nonmonetary contributions to the marriage. That sounds straightforward, but trying to determine what belongs to you and what doesn’t can really add to the stress of divorce.

As your advocate, we will protect your interests and help you figure out what is and is not marital property. With our deep financial background, we are uniquely equipped to ensure that assets are fairly valued. If property is disputed, we will zealously advocate on your behalf.

We will help you sift through all assets and liabilities, real property (i.e., your house), and tangible and intangible personal property, such as investment accounts, pensions, businesses, artwork, and coin collections, among many others. Because Maryland law prohibits courts from transferring ownership of property from one spouse to another, keep in mind that compensation is done through a monetary award.

Additional information on every aspect of division of property that may affect your case can be found in the links to the left.

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