Domestic Violence Overview

Domestic violence is a pattern of violent and harmful conduct of one person against another in an intimate relationship, such as spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, and domestic partners. If this is a factor in your divorce, it can be incredibly stressful to handle on your own.

At Shah & Kishore, we will help you understand how domestic violence will affect the many aspect of your case, including the division of marital property, alimony, and child custody, visitation, and support.

The court system defines domestic violence as physical, sexual, and psychological attacks against a spouse, but it can also include physical violence against children or the emotional effects of seeing acts of domestic violence.

Violent acts include, but are not limited to, a pattern of hitting, strangling, kicking, rape, suicide threats, controlling access to family resources such as time, money, food, and clothing, and controlling the victim’s time and activities. Most physical acts of violence are accompanied by psychological abuse.

As your advocate, our Maryland domestic violence attorney will help you navigate the very fast legal process that will get underway once alleged abuse has been instituted into the court system.

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