Four Reasons Why Divorce is Not a Failure

No one gets married with the intent on someday getting divorced. But divorces do happen and it’s important not to think of your marriage as a failure. By coming to terms with the reasons behind a divorce and focusing on the positive experiences that came from the marriage, it can lead to acceptance and make it easier to move on.

  1. A stepping stone to a better life: An unhappy marriage can take its toll on a person emotionally and physically. A fresh start offers the opportunity to rediscover joy and happiness and rebuild your life based on the lessons you’ve learned from your marriage.
  2. A chance to reinvent yourself: A divorce, whether expected or unexpected, certainly takes time to get over. But it does provide an opportunity to figure out where you are in life, how your interests have changed and what direction you wish to take during this new chapter.
  3. The joy of being a parent: If your marriage resulted in a child or children, it’s a job (and joy!) that will last forever even if the marriage is over. Divorce is a challenge for both children and parents, but many find they’re a better mom or dad after a divorce. The relationship with the other parent might also improve now that you’re no longer living together.
  4. The remembrance of good times together: Marriages should not be judged on a pass or fail basis. Chances are, you and your spouse had some good times together and it’s important to remember positive experiences and not just the negatives of your relationship. By focusing on what went right, it can help alleviate feelings of failure over what went wrong.

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