Maryland Divorce Attorney

We know that divorce is difficult, stressful, and emotionally draining. As your advocate, the family law team at Shah & Kishore in Rockville, Maryland is here to help.

It is our goal to help you navigate through the process efficiently, preserve family relationships, and minimize the negative impact it may have on your life. We will keep you informed of developments in your case every step of the way, and our divorce lawyer will always be available to answer your questions and discuss your options.

In the courtroom, we are zealous litigators and use our extensive experience, knowledge of divorce and Maryland family law, and deep financial background to advocate for our clients’ interests in the most favorable manner, especially in asset-driven cases.

Because not every divorce will require litigation, we will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome. Our Maryland family law attorney can pursue mediation, which is often the easiest, least expensive, and fastest way to come to a settlement, or use the collaborative law process, which puts you and the other party in charge of all decision-making, allowing you to determine the most fair and appropriate solutions for your unique situation.

To learn more about how our divorce attorney can help you with your particular situation in Maryland, please email us or call us today at (301) 315-0001 to set up your FREE consultation.

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