The Debate of Parental Rights vs Government Involvement

The Montgomery County Council received emails from county residents on both sides of the debate.

Public support for the Meitivs via social media, news sites, and online petitions called for change as to how government agencies get involved when it comes to parents’ decision-making rights for their children. Others questioned the Meitiv’s methods, saying they were putting a target on their children and publicly putting them in the middle of the debate.

Yet another issue is the changing culture of allowing children outside to play unsupervised. Just a generation earlier, it was common for children to play, ride bikes, and explore outdoors without a parent nearby. In light of recent events, many parents may be left to wonder if they let their children outside to play without their presence, will neighbors turn to the police first. Time will tell if cases like the Meitivs and others across the country will impact state law as to when authorities can step in and override the rights of parents.

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