The Challenges Fathers Face in Custody Battles


When it comes to divorce and custody battles, many dads feel like they are at a disadvantage. There is a myth perpetuated that dads aren’t as critical to a child’s life as mothers are, leading many fathers to feel like they are being pushed out of their kid’s lives after a divorce. Historically, women have retained residential custody of children in 85% of cases. For any dedicated parent, getting a chance to see their child every other weekend simply isn’t enough, but that is the exact outcome so many divorced fathers fear.

A 50/50 custodial split between fathers and mothers is the ideal situation. Fortunately, many states are beginning to realize this and are becoming more lenient on custody cases. By sharing the responsibilities equally, children are able to have the necessary support from both parents, both financially (if possible) and emotionally.

If you are a parent seeking custody of your child, Shah & Kishore can help. We advocate for amicable solutions, always keeping the child’s best interest at heart.

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