Your Approach Makes A Difference

couple holding hands on the roadDivorce is not typically viewed as a happy period in life, whether a couple is splitting amicably or engaged in a bitter feud. If approached the right way, going through a divorce, while difficult, can bring opportunity to cultivate a new and different relationship moving forward. Here are five tips to help make your divorce a happier one:

  1. Manage your expectations: Expectations weren’t met during the marriage, so it’s unlikely they’ll be met now. Keeping moderate expectations and only taking issues on things that are really important makes it easier to come through a divorce with a civil relationship in tack.
  2. Respect differences: There are numerous ways to handle situations, such as raising and parenting children. Parents need to find a way to honor the different methods and philosophies post-divorce. It’s important to speak well of an ex, particularly in front of the kids.
  3. Remember the good: It can be hard to remember what was once good about a marriage when you’re overwhelmed with problems and differences. Keeping some perspective and recalling good memories can help keep you from demonizing your ex-partner.
  4. Reward effort: If your ex-spouse does something nice, make an attempt to be grateful, say thank-you, and acknowledge the effort make to be helpful or pleasant. It makes a bigger impact than judging them for the list of things they may not have done – and makes for an easier relationship in the future.
  5. Don’t try to change an ex-spouse: If you couldn’t change them during the marriage, it’s not going to be more productive during the divorce. Do your best to accept your ex-spouse as they are and focus on improving your own life moving forward.

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