Anticipation Abounds!

As I write this, it’s the morning after the U of MD vs Georgetown basketball game – a rivalry rekindled after many years of not playing each other. I was at the game last night, being an avid fan of basketball in general and of Maryland in particular. I graduated from MD in the late 80s with a degree in Finance and Economics, and later I received my MBA and law degree from George Washington University. Basketball game day always had a particular electricity throughout the campus when I was there. And last night was no exception – the crowd in general was buzzing with excitement, as were the students, who were over-the-top loud. The anticipation of a great season – Maryland is ranked #3 – always generates excitement. Let’s hope MD can live up to expectations – the pressure on the team must be significant and with young kids you never really know how they are going to react! Here’s to all the local teams – wishing them a great season and hopes for playing well enough to be a part of March Madness!

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