Mr. Kishore has always been very prompt

I have heard Mr. Kishore’s name for a while now, but recently due to some unforeseen circumstances I received his help to go through the divorce process. Mr. Kishore is very diligent in his work, and he strives very hard to give his personal attention to the case. Separation is a very emotionally draining and difficult phase in life. He helped me think proactively instead of being reactive in any given situation during the proceedings, and thus helped me think outside the box. He is very knowledgeable in the subject matter, and provides several alternatives along with their consequences to help make an informed decision. Mr. Kishore has always been very prompt in filing & following up on the paperwork with all parties involved. He is very professional in his work. In any given situation, he strives hard to achieve a mediating and win-win situation. I believe his composed nature and finding a mediating ground helped solve my case in a fast and efficient manner. I’m very pleased with Mr. Kishore’s services and would highly recommend him.


He handled my case carefully and discreetly.

Mr. Kishore was very knowledgeable and helpful. He handled my case carefully and discreetly. He answered my many questions during one of the most difficult events of my life. I would highly recommend him to work on anyone’s family matters.


He methodically guided and showed me pitfalls

My divorce case was straight forward since it was uncontested. Simple as it may sound, Mr. Kishore’s expertise and professionalism in this field was shown clearly throughout this process. He methodically guided and showed me pitfalls that may come back later to hurt me financially if I had stuck to my naivety. He is a good lawyer in his field and I recommend anybody looking for a Divorce Lawyer to call Shah and Kishore.

Sahabo Aliyu

I am so grateful to have had Mr. Kishore on my side.

I want to extend an enormous Thank You to Mr. Kishore for being counsel for my divorce. When I first met with Mr. Kishore, I was an emotional mess. Mr. Kishore patiently guided me step by step through my divorce process, clearly explaining each step as we went along. Mr. Kishore promptly returned my phone calls and emails, was always prepared, told me what to expect – whether good or bad, and helped me emotionally prepare for mediation. Mr. Kishore was at my side during my mediation hearings and his presence and professionalism really stood out. My ex and his counsel tried to rattle us – I was rattled, but Mr. Kishore reigned and did not miss a beat – he had my back!

I am so grateful to have had Mr. Kishore on my side. I do not even want to think what may have happened if I did not. If you are looking for a divorce attorney or a mediator who has your best interest in mind and will fight for you, I highly recommend Mr. Kishore to represent you.


I felt very confident after talking to Mr. Kishore

Mr. Kishore at Shah & Kishore was the first lawyer I approached to start my divorce proceedings. During the initial consultation itself, he explained to me in great detail about the issues involved in my specific circumstance and provided and offered ways we can try to handle them that could lead to less stress and at the same time protect my property rights. I felt very confident after talking to Mr. Kishore and hired him to deal with my case. He is a very thoughtful and competent lawyer and guided me in a very professional manner during each step of my divorce proceedings. He was always available by phone and/or email and was very responsive in handling every detail of my case. At the end, I felt very fortunate to have found the best divorce lawyer in Maryland to handle my case. I strongly recommend Mr. Kishore for anyone who is looking for a lawyer in divorce related matters.


very professional and were very detailed

Thank you for all your guidance and assistance in the process of my divorce case. You were very empathetic from the beginning, despite my lack of communication, you were very determined in keep me updated each step of the way. At all times you were always very professional and were very detailed on explaining the process of my divorce to me. I will make sure to tell everyone I know who is need of a great attorney. Thanks again for all of your assistance.

Jeffrey Bonilla

His receptionist and his staff were extremely nice

When I began looking for a divorce attorney I was trying to find an attorney who understands the situation I was in. I spoke with lots of different attorneys. After speaking with Mr. Kishore over the phone initially, Mr. Kishore made me feel very comfortable and explained the entire process and made me feel a lot more at ease regarding my situation. I set up an appointment and it was very easy to find their offices which were beautiful. His receptionist and his staff were extremely nice when I initially came in. At the first meeting, Mr. Kishore listen to me in detail and explained to me all the options I had with regard to my particular situation. Due to Mr. Kishore’s expert legal advice I was able to get my divorce in a very quick and affordable price.

I highly recommend that when you need a family attorney regarding custody or marital property issues, call Mr. Kishore. I thank you very much for all your help!

Danstan Kiriella

Mr. Kishore was practical

Mr. Kishore was a professional throughout my entire divorce process. While other lawyers I talked to seemed much more interested in getting my retainer and charging me a lot of money for a fairly simple proceses, Mr. Kishore was practical and made me feel that my money was well spent. I would recommend him to anyone going through a similar situation


I could not have been happier with the decision

I would like to thank you for assistance in making my divorce go as smoothly as it did. I came to your office just by chance and didn’t know what to expect. I could not have been happier with the decision to use the services of your firm. I know that this was not an easy case because the way I needed the divorce process to be done was a bit atypical. I am glad that you were able to respect my wishes and work within my constrains. This divorce process did not cost me as much as I anticipated because of all of the uncertainties. I could not be happier.

Thomas D.

Mr. Kishore gave me excellent advice

Mr. Rahul Kishore is not only a thoughtful, careful, and competent family law attorney but a kind and empathic advocate who understands the stress of the divorce process. Mr. Kishore gave me excellent advice through each stage of a complex settlement, clearly explained at each decision point the nature and potential consequences of the available choices, and throughout all of it was genuinely sympathetic regarding my worries and concerns. His competence, clear advice, and kindness provided great reassurance. He was always available by phone or email and is one of the most responsive professionals with whom I have ever worked. I recommend him without reservation.

M. Faraday

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