is best work was put forward at all times

Initially I tried representing myself against a father who was self employed and hiding assets in a custody/child support case, however things were not working out favorable for me. I retained Mr. Kishore to represent me, and in the end was overwhelmingly satisfied with the outcome. Not only was he brilliant in court thinking outside of the box to paper trial someone who had been hiding assets for years, he was patient enough to educated me, even through conflict. His best work was put forward at all times to attain a favorable outcome in my case. The advise he gave me to prepare for trial helped tremendously when things were not so black and white. He is very aggressive for his clients in a polite professional manner, and I would highly recommend his services.

Laketa Scott

Mr. Kishore used all forms of technology to keep in touch

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Kishore is a highly experienced and professional attorney. He has a broad knowledge base of the laws dealing with family law in Maryland. He takes each case very seriously and he always ensures that he answers any questions that I raised throughout the process. Mr. Kishore used all forms of technology to keep in touch and respond to my inquiries including phone, emails and text. Right from the beginning of my case, Mr. Kishore discussed the process and timeline and made sure that I understand and was aware of the whole process that was going to occur.

Divorce is an emotional and financially painful process, Mr. Kishore is not only a wonderful and caring attorney, he also made sure that I was comfortable throughout the process. I really like and follow his monthly email newsletters. Most of us do not have the knowledge base to know what our rights and what exactly we could do in certain circumstances to limit our emotional and financial damage. Mr. Kishore guided me very well throughout the process and limited the emotional and financial pain I had to incur.

The internet can be tricky to navigate for attorneys. On one hand, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to search good attorney in your area. I would highly recommend Mr. Kishore and his law firm.

Sunil Kumar

He demonstrated the professionalism

When I began my divorce process I was very overwhelmed by all the requirements and procedures of Maryland and Montgomery County law. In addition, I was very afraid of losing everything. However, Mr. Kishore first explained the procedures and requirements as they applied to my situation. He then developed a strategy to safeguard my economic state, while fulfilling my wishes. Through the Discovery Process, he demonstrated the professionalism and the know-how to protect my interest.

Norman Benjamin

I was able to push forward and better my life.

My visit with Rahul Kishore was delightful! He made my first (and hopefully my last!) separation a comforting experience. In a matter of 2 days, he had my separation agreement papers completed and I was able to push forward and better my life.

Paul W. Hettich Jr.

EXCELLENT professional legal services

Attorney Kishore provided me with EXCELLENT professional legal services. He kept me informed throughout my case, ensuring me of all my options available.

Bryce Williams

Mr. Kishore is on your side

Whatever decisions I made, Mr. Kishore apprised me of the advantages or disadvantages. It was evident that his goal was to ensure that I received a fair and equitable share of our financial assets. Mr. Kishore is on your side, and will keep you focused and organized throughout this difficult time.

Yvonne C. Williams

e calmly refocused me

As an active duty military mother of 4 small children, I had no idea what to do or who to call. My case was difficult because I had not lived in the US for 10 years. I contacted Mr. Kishore for help. He calmly refocused me and assured me that all would be well no matter the outcome. Mr. Kishore not only looked out for the best interest in my case, but he also was very mindful of my financial situation. Divorce is a very emotionally draining process, and it is such a blessing to have worked with a firm that could keep things in perspective, when I could not.

LaKiesha Foggie

Mr. Kishore went to extraordinary lengths

Mr. Kishore went to extraordinary lengths to make me feel comfortable and at ease. He not only explained, in detail, the divorce process in the state of Maryland, but also made sure I understood the impact that each critical decision along the way would have on my two children and their future (as well as on my future). Knowing that I had such competent representation made me feel confident at each critical step in the process.

Jose Santiago Chaves

Mr. Kishore provided valuable strategic advice

My particular case involved multiple complexities and involved extensive finances. Mr. Kishore provided valuable strategic advice which had me comfortably prepared for trial.

Darin Crews

Mr. Kishore reacted quickly to my needs

In July of 2006 my life seemed to be falling apart. I needed an attorney and I needed one right away. Mr. Shah and Mr. Kishore reacted quickly to my needs and understood the severity of my case and that we needed to move quickly to protect myself and my children. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs quick and competent legal advice.

Lisa Jagger

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