Mr. Kishore representation was excellent in every regard

Rahul Kishore represented me in a divorce proceeding that I initiated. It went on for many months, though it was basically uncontested.

His representation was excellent in every regard. He always had a clear and deeply professional understanding what was taking place and what my options were. With great patience, he made the proceedings clear to me in a way that it was easy for me to understand as a lay person. He took time to be exceedingly clear about what was at stake at every decision point. He rehearsed me prior to every court event. His manner in our interactions was always professional and respectful but engaging. I recommend him with enthusiasm and without qualification to anyone with family law issues. He’s just great.

William W. E, Ph.D. - Oct - 2022

Mr. Kishore's knowledge and responsiveness thru out the Divorce Process was Five Star.

Mr. Kishore was very upfront about everything that will occur in my divorce case. He answered all my questions patiently thru out the process due to my lack of knowledge in this arena. I had no idea how to handle things thru out the process which Mr. Kishore was extremely helpful in assisting with this. The quality of service was excellent and he was responsive in answering my calls whenever I would call during business hours and even after hours and on the weekends. Mr. Kishore definitely handled my case in a professionally manner and always kept my best interest and at the forefront thru the entire process. Mr. Kishore's law firms’ services are similar to staying at a 5-star hotel or traveling First-class on a commercial airline. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a family law attorney to contact the law offices of Shah and Kishore.

H.P. - Oct - 2022

"I never dreamed I would ever need a divorce attorney but I was wrong.

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful situations you could go through in your life. Mr. Kishore represented me in a manner that made my experience the best it could have been under these circumstances. Mr. Kishore accepted my calls whenever I needed him. He was in constant communication with me even when he was out of town at conferences, family vacation, etc. I never felt like I did not know what was going on in my case. If Mr. Kishore was unavailable, his paralegal was excellent and always knowledgeable. Overall, I give Mr. Kishore and his staff the highest recommendation."

VSG - Jan 2022

He has in-depth knowledge about the divorce proceedings.

I would like to recommend the legal services of Shah and Kishore for any one looking for an attorney for their divorce proceedings. A friend of mine recommended me to the firm while I was contemplating filing for a Divorce with my spouse. After the initial conversation with Mr. Kishore, I felt very comfortable and confident about his professional ability to represent me. He explained to me the pros and cons of my specific circumstances and assured me of the possible outcomes that could transpire based on what I was specifically seeking in obtaining a Divorce. He was very professional and avoided all unnecessary conversations and hence saved me time and avoided me incurring unnecessary legal fees. He has in-depth knowledge about the divorce proceedings. Mr. Kishore taught me some court languages which I was unaware and made me very comfortable thru out the entire process. His legal fees were very reasonable and he refunded me some of my fees at the conclusion of my case which was beyond my expectation and a nice surprise. He helped me and represented me very well thru out the proceedings. I thank him for his legal service. Well done. Great job.

A.C. - Oct 2021

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good divorce attorney.

I want to give my highest recommendations to Mr. Kishore. His firm was recommended to me by my broker at the moment when I was not emotionally strong enough to initiate my divorce procedure following almost a year of separation. From the very first phone conversation, Mr. Kishore made me feel confident and secure, – the feeling I have not had for years of my dysfunctional marriage. Right away, Mr. Kishore was able to figure out where things stood and recommended a limited number of effective steps to undertake to help me to win those aspects of the procedure which were especially important for me and my children.

From the very beginning, Mr. Kishore gave me an overview of the options I had, commenting on their cost and effectiveness. Very quickly, he was able to grasp those aspects, which were critical for me and those that were less important, and helped me to achieve what I considered being critical for my custody case. I followed Mr. Kishore’s advice to request a custody evaluation procedure (free of charge in Maryland), which turned out to be decisive.

Importantly, working with Mr. Kishore I never felt being overcharged or paying for the things I did not find are important. He always tried to be brief in his phone conversations, avoided having empty talks and unneeded conversations. During the divorce and custody settlement procedure, we have not filed any single unnecessary document or requests, which allowed me to save a significant amount of money when compared with the other Party expenses. While the other Party’s attorney kept undertaking a number of costly things, such as submitting numerous deficiency letters, document updates, and other types of paperwork, my defense was focused, logical, and consistent avoiding the empty bureaucratic wrangling and going directly to the very center of the conflict we needed to resolve.

Mr. Kishore is a very qualified lawyer who treated me with respect always keeping a professional distance. At the same time, he has an interesting sense of humor and, when needed, the ability to find the right supportive words, which was quite helpful in going through some inevitable fragilities of my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good divorce attorney.

Ms. Nestorovich - Apr 2021

I quickly knew he was right for me because he asked insightful questions

Mr. Kishore was the third lawyer I interviewed for my case, an alimony modification. I quickly knew he was right for me because he asked insightful questions, and was open-minded about my admittedly non-clear cut case. Throughout the case, which stretched to more than a year due to covid, Mr. Kishore was professional, thorough, patient, gracious and calm, even when his client didn’t want to hear it. He gave me solid advice based in case law, and he kept me firmly grounded. And in the end, I came away with more than reasonably expected. I highly recommend Mr. Kishore to anyone needing a seasoned, expert family law advocate.

Michael Abbott - Mar 2021

I would highly recommend him

I came to know M.Kishore through my own research on the net. He was able to explain every detail of the process I was going to go through, effectively presenting the option that would produce the best possible outcome for my issue. I would highly recommend him. He moved very quickly to get me a smooth and clean settlement.

Prabhakar Laggari - Dec 2020

I thank Mr. Kishore and his team for all the help.

When i approached Mr. Kishore, he clearly explained the options i have and gave me suggestions based on my decision. He was very friendly, approachable and was easy to work with. i really appreciate how he handled the case, and gave good inputs when necessary. I will definitely recommend Mr. Kishore to anyone who is in need of a family lawyer. I thank Mr. Kishore and his team for all the help.

V.R - Dec 2020

I really appreciate the way he handled my case

I came to know M. Kishore by chance, through my own research on the net. To my satisfaction, he turned out to be the ideal legal professional I would wish to deal with.

Mr. Kishore is truly excellent in what he does, knowledgeable and customer-friendly. He walked me through the entire process and explained the various options that made my case simple and speedy, so as to produce the best possible outcome. He stayed at on top of my case, kept me informed throughout the whole process, which helped make it a smooth and easy process.

I really appreciate the way he handled my case, and his support throught the process and I thank him for that. I will definitely recommend Mr. Kishore to anyone in need of a good family lawyer.

Flavien Bachabi - July 2020

Mr. Kishore came highly recommended from within my network

Mr. Kishore came highly recommended from within my network and now I will continue to do the same. He is an excellent lawyer with great expertise and knowledge in the latest state laws that are relevant, which enabled me to reach resolution in the most favorable way. He moved very quickly to get me a smooth and clean settlement. Thank you.

Shakeela - June 2020

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