I recommend him highly.

Mr. Kishore is a very knowledgeable person with regard to the Maryland laws in the family law area. He answered my questions promptly and accurately throughout the process of my divorce case. Due to his promptness and efficiency I observed that he was able to save me valuable time for his client which allowed me to save on my overall legal fees. He told me all of the facts and details upfront with regard to my circumstances, so that I had no surprises throughout the process. I recommend him highly.

P. Soni

r. Kishore and his staff are very professional and courteous.

My experience with Mr. Kishore at Shah and Kishore Law Firm was a very successful one. Mr. Kishore and his staff are very professional and courteous. Mr. Kishore answered every question I had and made my divorce case quick and easy. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is in need of a legal matter. Mr. Kishore, I appreciate very much all that you have done for me. God Bless.


Mr. Kishore resolved the custody of my child and my divorce.

It was unfortunate that I had to seek legal counsel as I did everything possible to preserve my marriage. I was a good husband and a dedicated father who was charged with slanderous claims of abuse and neglect. Luckily, I had facts to defend those allegations which were conjured to rob me from continuing to have a role in my daughter’s life. In desperation, I sought help when my child was taken from me, although my spouse and I separated voluntarily, with the understanding that we would continue to have joint custody. It was the testimonials at the Shah & Kishore web site that got my attention and it is only fitting that I follow suit. In just over a year Mr. Kishore resolved the custody of my child and my divorce. He returned every phone call in a timely manner, answered every question, and kept me informed throughout the process. I am grateful for his professional guidance through this rather difficult chapter of my life. I hope that the legal process will continue to grant fathers the same rights as mothers as deserved.


The entire process was handled in a professional and kind manner.

Dear Mr. Kishore, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for a job well done. The entire process was handled in a professional and kind manner. We were able to resolve issues concerning our daughter in a fair and equitable fashion to ensure that she is well taken care of. This is an unhappy time in our lives, but with your kindness we were able to come to a resolution and are able to move on with our lives. Thank you again for keeping this matter civil and fair.


Mr. Kishore was very confident in my case

Mr. Kishore helped me accomplish my goal of obtaining my quick divorce with a very successful financial outcome. I chose Mr. Kishore for the obvious reason that he had the credentials i was looking for. Mr. Kishore was very confident in my case, he was readily available to my needs, and kept me focused in what needed to be done. Although he went up against one of the best lawyers in DC, Mr. Kishore was as confident and brilliant in obtaining what i deserved for all those years in my marriage. Mr. Kishore was awesome in my case, I got divorced , and felt great afterwards and I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a divorce lawyer!

Elma Stuart

I can recommend him to any body

Mr Kishore represented me well in my case in Maryland. I went to see Mr Kishore after having my case pending for more than one year. I began my case with the law firm in July of ’08 and by October/ ’08 I walked out of the courthouse with my dirvorce. Honesly I can recommend him to any body who is facing any dirvorce situation. I really appreciate the services provided by this law firm.

Hadiya Omari

I had a great lawyer.

My friend’s warned me and prepared me for the divorce process. They told me all sorts of nightmares they had gone through. Up to this day, I am still wondering what they were talking about my divorce was a non event. All I did was show up at Court and I showed up late my lawyer was there for me, I had a great lawyer. Mr. Kishore did his magic and I was divorced in a month with no headache but a grateful heart. Thank you Mr.. Kishore you gave me my life back.


Mr. Kishore was very professional

Mr. Kishore was very professional in dealing with my custody/visitation case. The situation had become rather antagonistic, and Mr. Kishore helped me focus on the key issues that required resolution along with crucial decisions that needed thoughtful consideration. He was always available for consultation and communicated frequently via phone and e-mail to ensure we had a mutual understanding of the best course of action. Mr. Kishore expeditiously dealt with the multitude of paperwork that accompanies these types of cases and provided expert advice to handle the small details that sometimes get overlooked. I recommend your services and thank you for your help.

J. Johnson

His presentation in court was excellent.

I wish to extend a comment concerning my experience with your law firm, in particular, with reference to Rahul Kishore.In short, Rahul Kishore represented me well in my custody/visitation case in Maryland. My case was a discombobulated one that had proceeded in disarray for a several years due to poor representation. Last summer 2007, due to a job-related urgency, I had to move out of the state and was in need of a good attorney with expertise in custody-related issues to address the visitation matters of my case. After exhausting several ventures, I found the Shah & Kishore website and was impressed by its specificity, thoroughness and reading-ease. Mr. Kishore agreed to represent me and prepared my case while I lived in the mid-west. He maintained contact with me, was very cognizant of the time being spent, and made sure that I understood my options. He was thorough in his preparation. His presentation in court was excellent. I must add that the judge on this case was a difficult one, and even he was impressed with Mr. Kishore’s presentation. Rahul, you did an excellent job, you prepared for a case that was in disarray, and you did so in a short period of time. Thank you Rahul for helping me win my case!


Results were exactly what I was looking for.

After my first visit with Mr. Kishore, I left his office with confidence that my case would be handled professionally. I was not disappointed! Mr. Kishore kept my case on schedule, the results were exactly what I was looking for. It took less time than I anticipated and as a bonus my fees were less than I expected.

Claude N.

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