Technology and Relationships

We are living in a world increasingly embedded with technology. For many people, the day starts by reaching for their smartphone to check email and respond to texts. The rest of the day is spent on a tablet, mobile device, laptop or desktop either for professional or personal use. We’re continuously messaging, browsing, friending, tweeting,…

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Eight Ways That Money Destroys Relationships

It’s often said that “money isn’t everything”, but when it comes to marriage, disagreements over finances can test even the best relationship. In theory, marriages should be easier today in regards to money. There is an abundance of money advice for couples, a greater number of dual-income families, and the standard of living has risen…

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Creating A New Type of Marriage

The first Monday in January can be a challenging day for most people. The merriment and celebration of the holiday season has drawn to a close and it’s time to head back to the reality of the office. But for divorce lawyers, the day has another significance and is commonly referred to as “Divorce Monday”….

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